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What Our Parents Say

We are extremely proud of the reputation we hold within our local communities, with most of our families finding  out about us through personal recommendations. 

Here are what some of our parents had to say about us.
"Acorn is a fantastic preschool. The staff are extremely trustworthy, kind and helpful. My daughter was very shy and timid before starting at Acorn, unrecognisable from the child that she is today; confident and always happy. They’re also very flexible to meet the needs of the families."
"Acorn is a wonderful, nurturing pre-school. The staff are fantastic and my son loves going."
"All of the staff are extremely kind and nurturing. Nothing is too much trouble for any of them. I feel that they understand my son well and he is happy and confident around the Team."
"My daughter loves going to "school" every day she attends. The care is fantastic. The team are caring, helpful, responsive and supportive. The communication we receive is very good. I really couldn't be happier and can leave her knowing she's in the best hands with her key worker and the team at Acorn."
"Acorn always has eye catching displays that are regularly changed based upon current learning - another excellent way for parents to see learning and activities their child has been involved in. There is always a variety of different stimulating activities available for the children to self-select and explore."
"My second child had anxiety at first settling in however with lots of positive encouragement and time from their key worker, and the other friendly, kind staff at Acorn, they are now so excited and happy and look forward to going to Acorn and then enjoy talking about the fun they had afterwards."
"The staff are amazing and definitely make Acorn what it is, such a fantastic environment and I know my children are so happy there!"
"My son’s speech was slightly delayed (due to 2 languages being spoken at home) and staff at Acorn have gently encouraged him through games, talking and singing. The development has been astounding and whilst I’m sure his speech will have naturally developed, we feel that the staff at Acorn have helped a huge deal and we are very grateful for their support."
"We love the events and the one-off activities the team creatively put together. My daughter still talks about the lovely day she had last summer celebrating the birth of the Royal baby, and more recently finding out about Chinese New Year. The team really do put so much effort into involving the children in the world around them. My daughter loves to be involved and really feels a sense of belonging (most recently taking a bear to school for Paddington week)."
"Acorn is always updating its activities and themes. There's always lovely artwork on the walls and a warm and welcoming atmosphere. The outdoor area is fantastic."
"Acorn has been the perfect setting for us. The team are caring, warm and approachable and have been supportive at every step and small milestone my son has achieved."
"We have been delighted with the standard of care provided to our son. They have settled him in much better than previous settings we have attended. The staff all know him. His key worker is fantastic and the managers are excellent."
"Our daughter thoroughly enjoys Acorn. The staff are amazing. Incredibly supportive, both emotionally and with our daughter’s early education. The garden facilities are great and the themes and activities the staff run are excellent. Mrs Birtles, the Acorn staff and the governors have created a welcoming environment that we are privileged to be part of. We’ve got our one year old sons name down already!"
"Acorn has exceeded all expectations. The staff are nurturing and involved. The school itself is well-equipped and exciting for children. My son loves the time he spends there."
"We are super happy with the sessions offered at acorns, the staff are always attentive and provide a fun educational environment."
"My daughter loves the outdoor area and talks about how much she is outside when she attends Acorns. As a parent this is a big positive in the provision as I want her to have as much access outdoors as possible."
"Fantastic team effort all round. Experienced staff which shows."
"Atmosphere and quality of staff is excellent."
"My daughter is extremely happy at Acorn. The love, guidance and care the staff show towards the children is immeasurable."
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