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Fun Things to do at Home

We must never lose sight of the fact that young children learn best through play and being active.  Young children can also often have fairly short attention spans, so bursts of lively and engaging activities are key.  With this in mind, the HfL (Herts for Learning) Early Years team have compiled a table of suggested ‘Fun things to do at home’ that will support learning across all of the curriculum areas. 

They have considered five key elements when providing suggestions for home activities for young children:

  • resources required are accessible and readily available in the home environment

  • ensuring activities are short and snappy to retain the focus of the children

  • creating activities that are lively, enjoyable and fun that can be carried out independently by the child or with family members

  • linking activities to the developmental stage of the child

  • providing instructions that are simple and easy to read

You will be able to choose a few activities that will help support the learning that has been taking place with the children at Acorn. For example, if the focus has been on comparing shapes; numbers; weights etc, you can look at the activities suggested in the Maths section relevant to the age and ability of your child. You can then select an activity to reinforce mathematical vocabulary, learning and understanding at home.

We hope you find these activities useful and please do not forget to share your child’s home learning with us via your child’s online learning journal.

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