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It is Acorn Playgroup and Pre-school policy that all children wear a uniform which consists of an aqua sweatshirt and polo shirt displaying an embroidered Acorn logo and your choice of either leggings, jogging bottoms or shorts in warmer weather. This is matched with a navy embroidered book bag and shoe bag which can easily be filled with your child’s everyday essentials.


The changes have taken effect as part of an Acorn re-brand, bringing us up to date with other settings in our local area. At Acorn we believe that wearing a uniform will be more practical for our parents and carers; promotes a sense of pride in the setting; helps establish a sense of community and belonging towards the Acorn family and makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance. When we are off site for walks; forest school, at the library, visiting the shops or a local trip it will also ensure that we can identify our children quickly.


The new uniform can be ordered directly from us, and we stock sample sizes which are available to view, try on and order.

If you wish to speak to us regarding purchasing uniform for your child, please contact us at or complete the Uniform Order form below and return this to us. 



We have explored prices; quality and suppliers in depth to ensure costs to our parents and carers are as low as possible and have chosen a local supplier to reduce any additional postage or handling fees.

Sweatshirt - £10

Polo Shirt - £8.50

Bookbag - £4.50

Shoe bag - £3.00


Bundle Price: consisting of one of each of the above items - £25


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