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To protect chilren's clothing from home, Acorn Playgroup and Pre-school offer the option of purchasing a uniform which consists of a sweatshirt and polo shirt adorned with an embroidered Acorn logo. This can be paired with your choice of either (preferably black) leggings, jogging bottoms or shorts in warmer weather.
This is matched with a compulsory navy embroidered book bag (for artwork or any items which are sent home daily) and navy shoe bag (for storing spare clothing; nappies etc which will remain at Acorn until it requires replenishing, at which point it will be sent home). 

If you wish to speak to us regarding purchasing uniform for your child, please contact us at



We are currently in the process of changing our uniform supplier to enable our parents to make direct purchases and local collection to reduce any additional postage or handling fees. We will update this page as soon as we have finalised the details.


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